Las Vegas / Grand Canyon 25th -30th Dec 2008

This trip was one of the most weird in terms of its planning and execution. Gargi and me were in India two weeks before and then pretty busy with our work lives. I was working till the last evening and so was everyone I guess. Kartik was busy with his end of semester work and Jai was busy with his usual routine. There was absolutely no time to plan. I had somehow managed to book a room in the hotel Stratosphere and rented a car for the duration we had thought about. That was all of it. As if this was not enough, more variables came into consideration. There was news of bad weather in Grand Canyon and on the route to Vegas. Still we set out for our journey on the 25th morning.  As expected, we got really bad weather throughout the journey. It was raining incessantly and we were hit by snow when we approached the Tehachapi summit on CA-58. Continue reading “Las Vegas / Grand Canyon 25th -30th Dec 2008”