How to photograph Solvang (via California Photo Scout)

How to photograph Solvang Solvang, a Danish town, is located in the fertile Santa Ynez valley, just north of Santa Barbara. The valley receives nearly 300 days of sunshine every year and is home to many fine wineries. The climate could not be more different from the northern European Denmark, yet the city, complete with Danish style studwork houses (bindingsvaerk), windmills and Danish culture feels authentic. It is fun to explore California’s quaint little Denmark and im … Read More

via California Photo Scout


Frenchman Lake and Pyramid Lake, 15th -17th Jan 2010

It was the first long weekend of new year and our friend Saurabh suggested that we go for some snow-shoeing and photography trip. We joined him and his really nice friend Marichu for the trip.  Although the trip hardly went as planned, we ended up covering lot of interesting places. We reached Truckee, CA and enjoyed some photography at the Lake Donner. Being all photographers, this was a perfect setting for spending some time for some productive landscape photography and nobody got bored :).  Next was Frenchman Lake. The road to Frenchman lake also had some breathtaking views and in one spot, we felt as we are entering Narnia. Frenchman Lake was at its glory at the time of sunset. Till then, we spent all our time fooling around the frozen lake. The evening was splendid with the canvas decorated with plethora of colors. We spent the night in Reno and the next day was Pyramid Lake. The lake is in a semi-desert place and the fact that we missed the sun-rise did not help us much for getting good pictures. We decided to head home and on our way back we spent some time in Truckee again doing some snow-shoeing. Overall it was a great trip only made awesome by the nice company we had.

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Costa Rica trip 24th Dec – 02 Jan 2011

Last year for our annual vacation we decided to go to Costa Rica, yay! It turned out to be an awesome trip and boy. The feeling of going to foreign land without knowing a word of the language was really unique and we thoroughly enjoyed our experience. This was a 10 day trip and as usual with all my vacations, it did not feel long enough. We reached San José (CR) on 25th Dec 2010 by the early morning flight. Loaded with all the information that I could find in all the tourist guides, thought I was well ready for the hinterland of the tourist world. But, as soon as we landed, we were swindled by a cab driver and he charged us $10 more than the fare. And I immediately felt comfortable, kinda felt at home. The character of Costa Rica is very similar to India. Foreign tourists get swindled, roads are bad and the country doesn’t have freakin’ postal addresses! They survive by mentioning distance from landmarks.

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Biking trip in San Francisco

Today Gargi and I went for a day trip to San Francisco. Our friend Prasanna was supposed to join us, but then he could not make it and hence we started our trip at 6:30 AM. We first went to the shoreline lakes for doing some birding and bird photography. This session was largely unproductive, but for some really good shots of Eared Grebes adorning their breeding plumage in winter. I also managed to get a good shot of an adult Mourning Dove. Then we decided to move on to San Francisco. As this was an impromptu visit, there was absolutely no planning. But the weather gods were kind to us and it turned out to be unusually clear and sunny day in the City.  We went startight to the Pier 39 parking and parked our car. Continue reading “Biking trip in San Francisco”

Las Vegas / Grand Canyon 25th -30th Dec 2008

This trip was one of the most weird in terms of its planning and execution. Gargi and me were in India two weeks before and then pretty busy with our work lives. I was working till the last evening and so was everyone I guess. Kartik was busy with his end of semester work and Jai was busy with his usual routine. There was absolutely no time to plan. I had somehow managed to book a room in the hotel Stratosphere and rented a car for the duration we had thought about. That was all of it. As if this was not enough, more variables came into consideration. There was news of bad weather in Grand Canyon and on the route to Vegas. Still we set out for our journey on the 25th morning.  As expected, we got really bad weather throughout the journey. It was raining incessantly and we were hit by snow when we approached the Tehachapi summit on CA-58. Continue reading “Las Vegas / Grand Canyon 25th -30th Dec 2008”