Arjun Singh on Devil’s advocate

I came across this video recently. I see it is a fairly old video. But the fact that jokers like Arjun Singh become Union Ministers and are able to push their way around without the slightest knowledge of their actions, dampens my optimism regarding India’s future. I am in support of reservations if it really helps the society but this video will force you to believe otherwise. For once, I ended up admiring Karan Thapar’s idiosyncratic mindset. This video should have been a technocrat’s campaign video in the current Lok Sabha elections. I do not claim the credits for the video or its excerpts which have solely been borrowed from Original source:

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Criminals do not die by the hands of the law; they die by the hands of other men – G.B.Shaw

” All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.” – George Orwell

Today India faces it’s worst crisis, which will affect millions, like me. Today the common man in India gets to exercise his right to vote, a right to choose the way he wants to live. Throughout the last five years he is the one who has suffered; in Mumbai, in Hyderabad and countless other towns and cities. Yet he continues to be a mute spectator, even in R.K Laxman’s cartoon strips. When time beckons him to speak, he obliges, but does he really speak? The nation hears the banal verdict and the events take place as usual. But what can he do? Sometimes he manages to get rid of his tormentor, but instead he replaces him with a new one. And why do I feel as if he doesn’t care anymore?   Continue reading “Criminals do not die by the hands of the law; they die by the hands of other men – G.B.Shaw”