“Dasvidaniya” actually is a phrase do svidania which means goodbye. This film was rumoured to be a remake of Bucket List.  But it hardly matters as I never saw that. This story is about a man who is detected with fatal stomach cancer and only has 3 months to live. Till now a complete loser, he decides to put his life into top gear and make the most of what is remaining. Although you see some shades of Anand, the movie is pretty realistic unlike the former one.
In Anand. the character’s take on life is too optimistic to be true and his cheerfulness seems unnatural. In Dasvidaniya, the character is portrayed to be very vulnerable and emotional, which is naturally the way a dying man is supposed to be feel. The character’s inherent flaws and his ways to deal with it seem to be congruent with the overall satirical theme of the movie. Vinay Pathak delivers another power-packed performance and he has exceeded the benchmarks he set in Bheja Fry. All the characters seem real and easy to relate to. I highly recommend this movie and it is must watch.


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